Submission Guidelines

Veteran Watch is a blog devoted to Veteran issues.  We are a long on research and substantiated fact and short on rhetoric.  Blogging is a powerful tool therefore we are looking for authors that write with credibility, relevance, and provide value.  With this in mind we offer the following submission guidelines:


  • A short 3-line bio of the author is requested.  We will place this at the end of your post
  • Content must reflect Canadian Veteran concerns.  
  • Authors must provide original content never before published on the Internet or elsewhere.  Although authors are allowed to link-back and refer to their own blog they must not re-post the material unless it has been altered by at least 65%.  In short, what you write is yours but it belongs here. 
  • Minor editing may be requested; however, Veteran Watch respects your position and will not change content. 
  • Minimal self-promotion is requested (there are enough blowhards in the world).


  • Articles must be 250-1000 words in length.
  • Do not format your post with headers and various font sizes.
  • Proper attribution of data, quotes, art, or information is mandatory.  Veteran Watch will be pleased to format the attribution in APA or create a link.  Authors are requested to provide the appropriate URLs.

Photos / Video / Graphic:

  • Any photos not taken by the author must be attributed – no exceptions. 
  • We request a photo of the author(s).
  • Each article is entitled to one other picture / video / graphic.
  • Videos and podcasts are encouraged; however, a complete transcript must be provided.

How to submit:
Posts must be submitted by word doc to:

The final word:
Veteran Watch reserves the right not to post any submission.

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