Founded in June 2013, Veteran Watch is a blog designed to encourage critique and debate concerning Veteran benefits, Veteran rights, accountability, structural issues, policy, and policy creation.  

Veteran Watch is a collection of like-minded Veterans concerned with how Veteran issues are identified and acted upon.  We are concerned that:

  • Government is making substantial changes to Veteran benefits without appropriate legal oversight and incomplete research.
  • Veteran organizations, which “advocate” on behalf of Veterans, have incomplete (or no) research to support their positions / agenda’s.
  • The individual, that is not a group member or inclined to advocate in Ottawa, is not being heard.
  • Privacy rights are being trampled.

Knowledgeable independent Veterans, the general public, politicians, policy makers, and Veteran Organizations are encouraged to write blog posts and/or participate on our blog site. 

Veteran Watch is not a club or formal organization; we do not accept donations of any kind.